AmbuStats Version 7

  • Statistics
  • Invoicing
  • Electronic Submissions to Alberta Health

AmbuStats 7 is the efficient way to gather and report statistics, create patient invoices, and batch-send electronically the required data set to Alberta Health and Wellness.

AmbuStats 7 has been entirely rewritten and utilizes SQL tables for improved stability and power

The original AmbuStats was designed to meet the needs of the Ambulance Operators in acquiring statistics and invoicing patients. Recently, Alberta Health and Wellness created and implemented a new Patient Care Report (Alberta Ambulance Information Management System / AAIMS) and with this initiative, requires that all ambulance services in the province, send patient care report information as a specific data set to Alberta Health. AmbuStats 6 creates the required XML file for submission to Alberta Health.

AmbuStats 7 has kept pace with the AAIMS initiative and has been given certification as valid third party software for submission of the required data set. (see the attached .pdf file / letter from Alberta Health to AmbuStats)

Please click here to go to the Trial Version Registration Page to begin the process of obtaining a working demo copy of the new AmbuStats 7.

Also: to read the relevant information about the AAIMS initiative go the following website –

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