Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the main features of AmbuStats?

    AmbuStats is a statistical and billing software package that follows the newly developed format of the Alberta Health AAIMS Patient Care Report format. AmbuStats also allows the user to send batches of PCR’s to Alberta Health with a few mouse clicks. There is only one entry of the PCR into AmbuStats and there are three major functions that result: STATISTICAL REPORTING; PATIENT BILLING and ACCOUNT TRACKING; and SIMPLIFIED ELECTRONIC BATCH SUBMISSION TO ALBERTA HEALTH. The efficiency of AmbuStats is one of its greatest strengths.

  2. Does AmbuStats collect data other than that from the PCR’s?

    There are other data elements that are collected such as a database of patients and their information, a database of the hospitals in Alberta, some additional fields that we felt would be beneficial in statistical reporting that are over and above those fields required by the AB Health data set.

  3. DoesAmbuStats have any security?

    AmbuStats can be configured to permit users to have rights for data entry only – increments of permissions at eight different levels of security as well as an administrator level of permissions. The administrator can access all data in AmbuStats.

  4. What is the cost of AmbuStats?

    AmbuStats is priced as a monthly operational cost to the service based upon the numbers of trips by the service. We would like to be able to offer AmbuStats Software to the smaller services as well as the middle and large volume services. Please contact us for a quote.

  5. How does the service submit data to Alberta Health?

    Alberta Health has certified AmbuStats as being valid third party software for submission of data to Alberta Health. Any user of AmbuStats must contact Alberta Health for permission to use third party software and once permitted, the service is provided the necessary tag information for submissions. The tag information would be unique identifier numbers for the service and its various stations.

  6. Can previous users of AmbuStats have their information carried forward into AmbuStats version 6?

    The billing information will be carried forward. Because the new AAIMS data set is so different from the data that Alberta Health previously collected, much of the statistical data cannot be carried forward. However, AmbuStats version 4 will operate alongside of AmbuStats version 6 and previous stats would still be accessible as before.

  7. If a service purchases AmbuStats and has more than one site that is entering PCR information, can AmbuStats merge the data onto a main server?

    AmbuStats is designed to have the PCR information written to one SQL server database and is not designed with a merge feature. The merge feature can be built by special order.
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