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AmbuStats software has been used by Alberta Ambulance services since 1996 and presently is the single most widely used third party software in the Ambulance Industry in Alberta.We invite you to try AmbuStats and see for yourself that this is a program designed by years of input from Ambulance Operators in Alberta … customized to meet the needs of Alberta's Ambulance Industry.

AmbuStats version 7 has just been released. Now AmbuStats accomplishes four primary tasks with one entry of your Patient Care Information:

  1. Invoicing, receipts, and ledger computations
  2. Financial, operational, and personnel statistics
  3. Electronic compilation to .xml format of data for batch submissions to AAIMS
  4. And now you can produce your monthly reporting requirements for submission to Alberta Health Services in Excel hardcopy and Excel .xls format.

AmbuStats Version 7 (AAIMS approved) Overview
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