Existing AmbuStat Users

AmbuStats has been entirely rewritten and now uses SQL tables for data storage.

AmbuStats data entry follows the format of the new AAIMS Patient Care Report.

Alberta Health has provided a letter of certification verifying that AmbuStats is compatible third party software for use in electronically sending Patient Care Report information to Alberta Health.

Click on the Download AB Health Certification .pdf

For more detailed information about the requirement to submit PCR information to Alberta Health and/or to download the new PCR Form, and to peruse the AAIMS initiative website.

Previous invoicing information from AmbuStats versions 4 or 5 will be carried forward into the new AmbuStats 6.

Due to the extent of the change in the Alberta Health data set and the code values, AmbuStats will not bring forward the statistical information. Therefore, statistical reports prior to version 6 would continue to be retrieved from earlier versions of AmbuStats - and the new AmbuStats and the older version can reside together on the computer.

AmbuStats pricing is restructured to permit large, medium, and small companies access to this powerful and efficient tool. Based upon yearly call volume and a per PCR fee, AmbuStats becomes an economic monthly operational cost. Please contact us for specific pricing.

To Request an update or more information regarding an update to the latest version of AmbuStats -- Please Click Here

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